Poland Gets Its First Supercar, The Arrinera Hussarya

You might not think of Poland when you think of supercars, but that's set to change with the debut of the country's very first supercar. It's called the Arrinera Hussarya and the car is currently on display at the 2015 Poznań Auto Show. Plans call for it to go into production later this year. The car is named after the most powerful Polish cavalry and is a revised version of the concept that Arrinera first showed back in 2011. The Hussarya gets new sheetmetal and more aerodynamic lines than the concept sported. The chassis was designed to be lightweight through the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar which also give it better structural rigidity. It even received a little fine-tuning from Lee Noble who founded the British company that is his namesake. RELATED: See the 2012 Arrinera Concept Gone too is the concept's GM supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that was rated at 650 horsepower. Instead, the Hussarya has a mid-mounted 8.2-liter with over 800 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque. Arrinera hasn't released all the details yet, but the concept had a 0-62 time of 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 211 mph, so expect the production car's numbers to be even more impressive. This car will be made to order and they are taking deposits, but no word on the cost or where the car will be sold. RELATED: See Photos of the 2013 Arrinera Hussarya   RELATED: Buy a Lexus LFA in Poland, Get Babes   ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide