Watch This Ripsaw Tank Drift Across Ice Like a Boss

There are days when you simply don't feel like waiting in traffic. Those are the days you want to be driving the Ripsaw EV-2 tank. It doesn't have to wait for other vehicles to move because it can drive over whatever obstacles are in its path. It also drifts like a champ on an ice-covered lake. Built by Howe & Howe Technologies, the Ripsaw has a 650-horsepower blown V8 and is the latest version of this tank to be built. It took 4 years to develop and by the looks of this video, was worth the wait. This is the vehicle you want when that zombie apocalypse happens, or you've just had enough of your morning commute. RELATED: See The Futuristic Willie Bus Concept The minds behind the Ripsaw are Geoff and Michael Howe who have been developing civilian and military vehicles for years. They make everything from fire trucks to robot-controlled bulldozers and even off-road wheelchairs. They took their new Ripsaw EV-2 out into a snowy, ice-covered landscape to show it off and have some fun. There's a snowmobile tagging along in a few shots to give it all some scale in footage that was captured by a drone. RELATED: Check Out the Awesome 2013 EarthRoamer XV-LT
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