'Top Gear' Fan Misses the Crew So Much That He Made Some Pop Art

How much do you miss Top Gear? Enough to send out a dramatic tweet about it? Enough to sign the petition against firing Jeremy Clarkson? Have you vowed to watch nothing but re-runs of the show from here on out? One fan's void is so large that was willing to have James May, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and The Stig constantly staring at him from in the privacy of his own home. Honduras-based artist and Reddit user Ivanoski was inspired by a promotional season preview that was released in January 2014. In the short clip, viewers see The Stig in his apartment essentially failing to live as a normal human, because Stig. On one of the apartment walls is a collection of canvas art that features headshots of each of the show's hosts. RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson’s 11 Best ‘Top Gear’ Moments The colorful Stig-inclusive result is awesome, if you're into having a critical panel of British blokes judging everything you do. Clarkson is over there like, "That's how you're cooking the chicken? Are you out mad?" Stig is just like, "Don't look at me." And Hammond's got that smirk questioning, "You're seriously trying to close by bringing your date home to watch Top Gear?" RELATED: Russell Brand's Version of Top Gear is Weird
Yes, Richard Hammond. Yes we are. Now stop staring. VIDEO: Here's What James May Had To Say About the Jeremy Clarkson Firing ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide