Check Out the $3.9M Ferrari Sergio in All Its Glory

The updated, 2015 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is a very unique car. Aesthetically, it's more refined than its original, windshield-less concept that debuted at the Geneva Auto Show in 2013, but it is still much more raw than the 458 Spider off of which it's based. The car was developed jointly with legendary design house Pininfarina, and its name "Sergio" pays homage to the company's former CEO, who passed away in 2012. With just six of these unique vehicles being produced — at a price tag of close to $4 million each — I was definitely excited to hear that one was coming to Chicago. PHOTOS: See More of the $3.9M Ferrari Sergio
Together with the owner — who owns a plethora of other cars like the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari — and the dealer, Lake Forest Sports Cars, we were able to coordinate to catch this car on film. Even better, it sat next to the much cheaper Ferrari LaFerrari...wait, what? Check out the video and see it for yourself. RELATED: See Photos of the Ferrari Sergio Concept from 2013 ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide