Meet the Volkswagen Thing That Packs a Turbocharged RX-7 Heart

The Mazda RX-7 is unquestionably a pedigreed sports car. It puts its power to the rear wheels, it limits its doors to one per side, and wails like a banshee. No track is untamable, no set of tires safe. This however, as you've surely realized, is not a Mazda RX-7.  It is very much a 1973 Volkswagen Thing with extensive suspension modifications and a nice set of wheels and rubber. But peel back the layers and in the rear you'll find the high-revving, raucous turbocharged 13B motor from the racy Mazda. A bit odd? Yes. Cool? That's a definite. If the pumped up Thing ticks your boxes, it can be yours. It's up for sale on eBay. RELATED: See more photos of the '70s Volkswagen Thing The Volkswagen Thing, officially known as the Type 181, was the reincarnation of WWII's Kubelwagen, except with less of a bend on world domination. It featured many of the sturdy and reliable components of Volkswagen's Type 1 Beetle, Karmann Ghia, and Volkswagen bus, and was eventually sold across a slew of world markets as a light, off-road civilian runabout. Somehow I doubt the Germans ever had something like this in mind. According to the listing, the turbocharged Mazda heart transplant gives this Thing over 200 horsepower (about 150 horsepower more than the original 1.5-liter flat-four), which is fed through a custom air intake and cooled using the standard radiator up front with an auxiliary oil cooler mounted in the rear. The Volkswagen rides high thanks to a custom adjustable suspension lift and heavy duty shocks, which sit atop Centerline wheels and off-roady BFGoodrich all-terrain rubber. RELATED: See what the rumored next-gen Mazda RX-7 could look like The gearbox comes courtesy of a Type 2 Volkswagen van, and just incase you do let the rotary power overwhelm you.. there is a roll cage to protect you and your passengers' noggins. Note the 'Mazdaspeed' and 'Rotary Turbocharged' badges on the back. No, it's not the daily driver for everyone, but you probably won't come across another exactly like this in the wild. RELATED: Check out these 6 Classic Cars That are Surprisingly Good Off-Road ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide