Alfonso Ribeiro Talks His First Car and Why He Loves Racing

Right now, if you drive into downtown Long Beach, Calif., the countless chainlink fences and giant stone barriers might lead you to think half the city is under construction. The messy look is the result of an extremely special few weeks, as a portion of the streets turn into a race track. The events range from the IndyCar Grand Prix of Long Beach to a stop on the Formula Drift tour. Before the GP this weekend, the track also hosts the annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity race. It's now been running for 40 years and always brings a huge variety of stars. This year's lineup once again includes two-time champion Alfonso Ribeiro, and we had literally a couple minutes to talk to him during the practice rounds. Here's what he had to say: RELATED: Watch DeadMau5 Race an IndyCar Driver in an Epic Honda Fit Battle What was your first car? My first car was a Chevy Camaro RS back in the day. I loved it. That was what I wanted when I finally got my driver’s license at 16. That was a 1988. I was a working actor already at the time, so I had the money. After that, what was a dream car that you wanted? I had two dream cars that I got. I had the BMW M5, I loved that. And then I had a 911 Carrera S and loved that also. Those were my two favorite cars I’ve ever owned. What do you think about the celebrity racing events like this? This is my fourth time doing the race, and I’ve won twice. One time I finished third, and the other two I won, so we’ll see what happens this time. It’s a great event. I love it every year. I’ve been racing for 19 years now, and I’ve always paid attention to see who’s won and who was in the race, because I just enjoyed the festivities. What’s the one thing you enjoy most about racing? The calm that I feel in the car. Everything gets really calm and gets slow.
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