Aston Martin Lawsuit Rules Fisker Thunderbolt a No-Go

If you were hoping to lay claim to one of Henrik Fisker's stylish and exclusive Thunderbolt sports cars, you'll have to shop other options now. Fisker's Project Thunderbolt, which garnered many oohs and ahhs at its Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance debut last month, has been called off following a lawsuit from Aston Martin.  Aston filed the suit late last month, alleging that Fisker knowingly infringed upon the company's intellectual property in the design of the Thunderbolt, which was billed as Fisker's “personal interpretation of how his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish coupe could look like.” The design was surely striking enough, though admittedly it didn't deviate far from the standard Vanquish blueprint. RELATED: See more photos of Henrik Fisker's Thunderbolt Concept If green-lighted, the Thunderbolt would have been built in conjuncture with California's Galpin Motors in an extremely limited production run. That however won't happen anymore. As per the details of the official statement, Henrik Fisker will not produce Project Thunderbolt, Aston Martin has agreed to withdraw the lawsuit, and all parties are said to have “amicably resolved their differences.” If you do however want to own a new vehicle of Fisker's own design, there is of course the new Galpin Rocket – the carbon fiber festooned, 725 horsepower re-imagination of the Ford Mustang. RELATED: The 60th Anniversary V12 Vanquish is quite the supermodel ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide