Watch Bruce the Driver Show Off Floyd Mayweather's Collection

Floyd Mayweather is known for two things: his prowess as a championship boxer and his fleet of supercars. The job of taking care of all those cars and making sure they're ready for Mayweather falls to a guy named Bruce who gave a behind-the-scenes look at the fleet. He's called Bruce the Driver and he makes sure that every car is ready, all the time, so that no matter which car Mayweather picks, he can drive away at a moment's notice. The first thing you'll notice is that Bruce is standing in a three-car garage holding four very expensive cars. RELATED: Floyd Mayweather's Car Collection in Numbers There are three Bugattis including a convertible that Bruce says is one of Mayweather's favorites, and a 2003 Ferrari Enzo. That's around $9 million worth of supercars squished into a too-small garage. That's OK though, because Bruce has them precisely parked leaving the narrowest of spaces. It'll make you cringe when he opens the doors. Bruce also wanders outside the garage to show off a few more cars including a white limousine emblazoned with the logo for Mayweather's lifestyle brand, TMT. It stands for The Money Team and is clearly a club to which Mayweather belongs. RELATED: Floyd Mayweather With His 2003 Ferrari Enzo
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