The Ultima Evolution is the 1,020HP Supercar You Build Yourself

If you want to go faster and drive harder than anyone else on the road, you need a supercar. If you feel the need to build it yourself, you need an Ultima. The UK's Ultima Sports Ltd. has provided factory-built and kit versions of its world-beating GTR and Can-Am sports cars for over 15 years, until now. They've been discontinued.  But don't shed a tear, because Ultima has a replacement, and it's even more of a monster than before. This is the Ultima Evolution. It's capable of zero to 60mph in 2.3 seconds, zero to 100mph in 4.9 seconds, zero to 150mph in 8.9 seconds, and can wallop 1,020 horsepower in top tune. Heavens above. RELATED: See more photos of the striking 2015 Ultima Evolution Have those figures sunk in yet? Us neither. As its name suggests, the 'Evolution' is the latest advancement of Ultima's race-bred stock, based on the skeleton of the GTR coupe and Can-Am convertible it replaces. But don't call it a second coming, Ultima says everything has been either tightened, tweaked, revised, or swapped out. One thing that remains defiantly constant is its big displacement American power. The Ultima Evolution, in either kit or fully-built form, comes available with over a dozen Chevrolet LS V8 engine choices – from a potent 350hp all the way up to the aforementioned supercharged and fire-breathing 6.8-liter monster. RELATED: Take a look back at the world record-breaking Ultima GTR If you can keep your foot pressed firm to the floor, a Porsche six-speed transaxle will shuttle those ponies to the ground... and fast. The Ultima does weigh only 2,095 pounds — a key factor in helping it skate all the way to 240 mph. Despite the aggressive Group C body style, searing LED lights and heady grilles, the spartan road racer does pack a few interesting features, including a leather trimmed rollcage, a stylish dash and gauges, rear backup camera, and a gorgeous set of forged alloy wheels. RELATED: Check out Aston Martin's new $2.3 million track-only hypercar In a car packed with stunning numbers and figures, perhaps the best is its price. A turnkey, factory-built Ultima Evolution with the base 350hp V8 will run you £65,995 (just under $98,000 at today's rates). Build it yourself and it's even cheaper – not bad for a world class supercar. RELATED: The 1,400HP Hennessey Venom F5 will shoot for 290 MPH ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide