Thieves Steal Ford, Owner Thanks Them For 'Pimping' It Out

Put yourself in this situation for a moment. You've bought a brand new car, only to find thieves run off with it in the night. You don't know where it is, if it's in 6,000 itty bitty pieces, or if you'll ever see it again. This was a reality for St. Charles, Missouri woman Becky Schoenig last week after thieves swiped her 2015 Ford Fusion.  According to USA Today, Schoenig never lost faith that she would be reunited with her new Ford, but perhaps even she couldn't have predicted how it was returned to her. On April Fools' Day, police recovered the stolen Fusion, which Schoenig describes had been “pimped out,” like something from the TV show Pimp My Ride. “It had red rims, a red racing stripe down the sides of the car,” Schoenig told the paper. “It looked like it was pimped out.” Unfortunately, the scarlet touches weren't the only lasting effect the car capers left – the Fusion now toted a strong smell of marijuana and cigarette smoke to complement its spray-painted wheels. RELATED: This Chevy Impala was stolen in Idaho, recovered in London RELATED: Police recovered a stolen Jaguar after 47 years missing Nevertheless, Schoenig seems quite happy to have the car back, regardless of its temporarily altered state. “I really strongly believe in karma,” Schoenig noted, “what you put out there, you get back.” She's even paying it forward again. In honor of Mick Sexton (pictured above), the eagle-eyed resident who spotted her car, Schoenig has created a new smooth at her Hot Pot restaurant called “Sexton on Wheels”, which combines banana, pineapple, peach and coconut cream. RELATED: Wrestling icon Vince McMahon's stolen Bentley was found in NYC ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide