Cadillac CT-1 Concept is the Supercar of Your Dreams

The idea of a Cadillac sports car is nothing new. We all remember the XLR — whether we want to or not — and we’ve seen a host of two-door concepts throughout the years. But when will it happen? If it were up to one designer, not soon enough. Eirik Stensrud from Pasadena, California, mocked up this lovely Cadillac CT-1 super sports car concept. It takes many of the current Cadillac design cues, but uses them in a whole new way. The lines are sharper, sleeker, and much more performance oriented. The aggressive front end gives way to a sleek profile, and like most Cadillacs, the lines are crisp. No round edges here, no siree. PHOTOS: See More of the Stunning Cadillac CT-1 Concept While the concept is lovely, some of you might be wondering if it will every come anywhere close to reality. Actually, it might. Rumors have been circling the drain regarding a new and improved XLR— or a successor of which — for years. And with the release of the new CT6, Cadillac is thinking even larger than that. There’s plenty of possibilities for a Cadillac sports car, but execs might want to start at this concept. RELATED: See Photos of the Aggressive Cadillac CTS-V Coupe ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide