10 Examples Why You Shouldn’t Park Your Car on the Beach

With spring in full swing and the weather heating up, people's thoughts are turning to summer. Blasting music with the windows down, cookouts, and best of all, the beach are all within reach. Although the summer is not even remotely as bad for your car as winter, the hot season has its own perils. In particular, some people when you going to the beach aren't the smartest when choosing where to plant their flags. As a rule, don't drive on the sand unless you have a vehicle that can handle the terrain. If you do, don't stop or slow down. Momentum is the most important thing when driving on sand. If you let up, you could get screwed. And what happens when you get screwed or don't take the tide into consideration? See for yourself below. RELATED: How Not To Load a Motorcycle Onto a Boat Not all horses are made for trotting along the beachfront in slow motion. Sorry, dude, not even an ocean can wash off the blandness of your Camry. "So, uh, how are we going to break this news to pops?" Power Wagon my ass. "So where are we going to park when we get there?" "Don't worry, we'll just wing it." Hey, guy, stick to the quarries for your sand deposits. The things people do to get that perfect shot for the 'gram... Mayyybe don't use a Camaro to launch your jet skis next time? Maybe. Back seat, windows up, that's how my Escalade got stuck. Photo Credits: Reddit, Blue Book, SWNS.com, Katu, Daily Mail, Press of Atlantic City, OC Register _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide