Heroic McLaren Salesman Saves Driver From Fiery Crash

Over the last decade, supercars, in general, have become much more reliable. With manufacturers offering longer warranties, and engineering advancements keeping most issues at bay, it's quite possible to own a supercar and drive it every day without fault. That said, supercars are still unstable things, placed on the precipice of performance and ridiculousness. In other words, if you get it wrong, everything goes to hell in a hand basket quickly. PHOTOS: See More of the High-Powered McLaren 650S Nevertheless, this story involves a great bit of heroism that definitely shouldn’t go against the car. A few days ago, a salesman named Lee Christian was riding along during a test drive in a McLaren 650S with one of his prospective clients. Soon, the driver lost control of the 650S and ran it straight into a tree. The car immediately caught fire with the two men trapped inside it still. Christian, who miraculously escaped the crash uninjured, had a split second to act and get them to safety. The salesman then carried the client out of the burning wreck and dragged him a further 100 feet to safety.  The driver was airlifted to a hospital by helicopter. According to The Telegraph, Christian was awarded a top bravery awarded by Cheshire's Chief Constable Simon Byrne for the act of heroism. It just goes to show you that maybe not all car salesmen are terrible human beings after all. Mr. Christian, you are indeed a hero. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide