Watch a Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650S Spider Cruise Miami

The streets of Miami are the perfect place for this matte black Lamborghini Huracan and matching McLaren 650S Spider to strut their stuff. These particular examples are each sporting a set of Vossen Forged Precision Series wheels that the company decided to show off in a nice little video tribute. The McLaren is owned by Michael Griffen of the Tennessee Titans and has VPS-310 in 20 x 9 up front and big 21 x 12.5 rears wrapped in Pirelli tires. The Lamborghini belongs to the folks at Lou La Vie and has nearly the same treatment save for the fronts being 20 x 9.5. RELATED: See More of the 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Vossen Wheels picked two gorgeous cars to show off their wares, with the matte black really working with the bronze satin finish of the wheels. Both cars have also been modified by Rich B. Caliente with a BlackSkullz treatment as the finishing touch. Watch as the cars cruise through the streets of Miami attracting plenty of attention as they hit Ocean Drive. They look great, but it's not just about looks in this video. You'll get to see them and hear them as the soundtrack dies down and they take to the highway and let loose. RELATED: See More of The 2015 McLaren 650S Spider
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