Is the Isuzu VehiCROSS Forgettable or a Future Classic?

Buy a sports car with a six-digit price tag and you'll undoubtedly turn some heads. Pull up in a Jeep with 37-inch tires and you'll also steal glances. But show up anywhere in a completely stock Isuzu VehiCROSS and all the attention will surely be yours. VX owners, you know what I'm on about.  The VehiCROSS is one of those rare vehicles that blurs the lines between concept car and production vehicle. It was never intended to be a mass market car – just under 6,000 were produced and only around 4,100 of them made it to the US. That presents a question. Is the eye-catching VX a future classic or is it largely forgettable? We found this 2001 VehiCROSS up for sale on eBay, and we want to know your reasoning. RELATED: See more photos of the 2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS For proponents of "future classic" status, the formula looks good. The VehiCROSS first broke cover in concept form at the 1993 Tokyo auto show, and when it came to market in 1997 in Japan ('99 in the US), not much had changed. Underneath, the VX borrows heavily from Isuzu's rugged Trooper SUV, which donated its 3.5-liter V6 and four-speed automatic. But its real claim to fame came from how it managed that power. The Torque-on-Demand four-wheel-drive system gave the car sure footing both on road and off, complemented by standard remote reservoir shocks, short overhands, and a tight wheelbase. If you needed to get somewhere, the VehiCROSS most likely could deliver. RELATED: Check out the Toyota Tacoma that drove to the South Pole It wasn't what you'd call a mass seller though. Isuzu used ceramic die stamping to produce the car's body panels, which dramatically cut costs but artificially limited its overall production numbers. In a country as vast as the US, that means many people have neither seen one nor even heard of one, which is a shame. Overall, this 2001 VehiCROSS looks like a fairly good nick. Inside, the Recaro seats appear to be in good condition and the odometer shows only 107,000 miles. Finding a super low-mileage VX is akin to running across Bigfoot in your local Whole Foods. People love to get out and put miles on these, and we can see why. RELATED: Was the Isuzu Impulse one of the '80s best looking sports cars? _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide