Imagine Gardening With These Amazing RC Machines

Ever since we posted about the mezmerizing RC jet that seemed to fly in slow motion and defy physics, we continue to find incredible RC scale models online that seem to stop us in our tracks. Pun intended. As a kid, I loved everything RC. But back then, I was pretty limited to some whatever Radio Shack was selling, assuming I could afford it. Now, scale models have become absolutely incredible with enthusiasts building the unthinkable from scratch. These industrial machines look and sound just like the real thing and have been placed in an environment enabling them to perform. Just imagine having one of these to do your spring gardening. RELATED: Huge RC Concorde is Your Boyhood Dream Come True The video below shows them in action. It's absolutely awesome.
We've seen some of these on the web go over $3,000 on some German model sites. You check out some similar RC industrial truck on eBay. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide