This AMC Javelin SST is One 'Big Bad Orange' Pony Car

There's an old adage in motor racing, “win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” It isn't easy to do – first you obviously have to build a winning car – but in the late '60s and early '70s, American Motors found a successful Sunday-Monday formula, and this was the car that made it happen.  Dressed in its iconic Big Bad Orange hue and toting AMC's burly 390 cubic inch V8, this striking 1970 Javelin SST 'Mark Donohue' edition will cross the block in June at Russo and Steele's Newport Beach auction, and we can think of about 390 reasons why we'd want one in our driveway. RELATED: See More Photos of the 'Mark Donohue' AMC Javelin SST AMC needed to take action in the late '60s. The Ford Mustang was the popular boy at school, and American Motors needed a car that could do more than just fit in. Designs were drafted and the production result was the stylishly simple Javelin. It went Trans-Am racing in 1968, began to find its groove over the next years, and with the help of Roger Penske and racer Mark Donohue, became a championship winning car. The limited-run 1970 AMC Javelin SST 'Mark Donohue' edition was the one that got it done. In order to compete in that year's Trans-Am season, AMC needed to homologate 2,500 Javelin street cars, which featured the many of the performance and aerodynamic elements of the Javelin race car, most notably the 'ducktail' spoilers (designed by Donohue himself). AMC obliged with a 2,501 car production run and offered SST Donohue models with dual exhausts, power front disc brakes, ram-air induction, a four-speed Hurst shifter or a console shift automatic, a special handling package, and your choice of either the 360ci or 390ci V8. RELATED: Check Out This Actual Trans-Am AMC Javelin Race Car Whoever spec'd this car chose wisely. It features the desirable 390ci V8 with four-barrel carburetor, the four-speed manual, and a number of AMC's 'Group 19' factory performance parts. It's got hardcore looks, but inside there's actually a plethora of leather. In fact, the Javelin SST might be one of the best looking muscle machines of all time. RELATED: Take a Look at the 1969 AMC Javelin _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide