Forget Ferrari, Deadmau5 Drives a McLaren P1 Now

As some of you might know, Deadmau5 is a former Ferrari owner. His 458 Purrari is equal parts famous for the incredible Nyan Cat wrap and Ferrari's displeasure with said Nyan Cat wrap. Probably because Ferrari doesn't know what real-life fun outside of a track looks like. Either way, Deadmau5 got rid of the Italia and has moved onto bigger and better things. It's easy to move on when his rebound gal is this blue McLaren P1. It's no chameleon like C.J. Wilson's, but Deadmau5 no doubt has something wild planned for it. RELATED: Ferrari Tells Deadmau5 to Get Rid of His Purrari 458 He recently also erected his own gigantic reception tower at his house so that he could better power his Internet. Seriously, he wanted to up his streaming game, so he just went ahead and did that. Let's hope that means some streams of his garage full of autos. RELATED: The 2015 McLaren P1 GTR Is a 986-Horsepower Track Demon ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide