Justin Bieber Adds a Ferrari LaFerrari to His Collection

Justin Bieber has a ways to go before he sheds that whole teen heartthrob image, but he's really trying to be all grown-up. He's changed that foppish hair into something spiky and presumably manly and he's covered himself in tattoos because he's a serious pop star. Now he's also upgraded to a serious car with the purchase of a LaFerrari. The Biebs already has a Ferrari 458 Italia that he's still driving around for now. He told USA Today, "I'm still driving my Ferrari. It's a 458 Italia, and I just got the LaFerrari (the company's exclusive $1.4 million supercar), it should be coming soon." RELATED: See More of the 2013 Ferrari LaFerrari The rumor is that a person has to have owned at least five Ferraris before they can buy a LaFerrari, so how'd Bieber pull this off? Jay Kay, Gordon Ramsay, and Lewis Hamilton have all purchased the LaFerrari with the first two having definitely owned Ferrari's in the past, but five? So, it's very possible Bieber has managed to get his hands on one As to whether or not this is a good thing, well, that's a little iffy. He hit a pedestrian, was chased by ex-NFL player Keyshawn Johnson after recklessly speeding through the guy's gated community, and was rear-ended by a paparazzi-driven Prius. A 950 horsepower machine seems a bit of a scary thought in his hands. RELATED: See a Ferrari LaFerrari with a Houston Texans J.J. Watts Makeover _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide