This 'Walking Dead' Motorcycle Proves Grungy is Very, Very Good

To some bike devotees, the cleaner and crisper a motorcycle design is – the better. But to those with a bit of dried engine grime under their fingernails, grungy can be just as gorgeous. In the case of this motorbike built for The Walking Dead, words like 'stunning' and 'jaw-dropping' certainly come to mind.  If you're a fan of the AMC smash hit TV show, you'll know this immediately as Daryl Dixon's new motorcycle from the series' fifth season. It's the frankenstein product of Virginia's Classified Moto, which have been responsible for some pretty trick bikes, but the detail and distressed look on this one is absolutely extraordinary. RELATED: See More of Daryl Dixon's New Bike from The Walking Dead The first shock for the Virginia bike builders came early in 2014 after Walking Dead star Norman Reedus enlisted the team to build him a custom motorcycle. Shock number two came after Reedus introduced the folks at Classified Moto to executive producer, Scott Gimple, who asked if they could build a bike for the actual show. Two bikes actually, per filming requirements. This new motorbike replaces the chopper that Reedus' character Daryl Dixon lost earlier in the series, and does quite a good job of it. Much of the bike's guts come from '90s Honda CB750 Nighthawks, to which Classified Moto added loads of custom features, a big budget suspension, the front end from a Yamaha YZF-R6, and oversized Kenda tires. With exacting detail, Classified painted the engine components different colors, distressed its visuals, added a rear crossbow rack, and doused it in grit and what we can only assume is zombie blood. RELATED: No Joke, This is Actually a Purpose-Built Zombie Survival Bike The Walking Dead's producers had two major concerns with the build – the bike needed go, turn, start, and stop like any modern bike, but also look the part of a cobbled-together post-apocalyptic survival bike. We can't speak to how it rides, but it certainly looks the part. RELATED: Yup! James May and Richard Hammond are Selling Their Motorcycles Photo Credit: Adam Ewing ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide