$2.8 million is a heck of a lot to pay for a car key.

Supercars are ridiculously expensive, so the people buying them generally have a lot of cash at their disposal. This leads to all sorts of crazy custom work that makes their ridiculously expensive cars into insanely expensive cars. Koenigsegg is aware of just how much money their customers have on hand. So they have offered up a key that probably costs more than your house.

This key is made of platinum, onyx, and a whole lot of sparkly diamonds that make it look more like some kind of jewelry than a car key. It was made by Optimal Innovative Solutions, which is the same company that makes the diamond hood ornament for Rolls Royce.

There are 40 carats of diamonds on this exclusive key which isn't a factory option just yet. There's no official price, but estimates put it at around $250,000 which make it possibly the most expensive car key available. This is a one-of-a-kind right now, but Koenigsegg will surely offer it up to anyone if they feel there's enough of a demand. If you're going to get a supercar, might as well have a key that's just as impressive as the car, which itself costs $2.8 million.