What is a Lucra and What Makes This One So Special?

Most cars you see on the road have a fairly familiar name and badge on the back – Toyota, Ford, Cadillac, and so forth. This car doesn't. Well, when we say car, we really mean jackhammer on wheels. This is a Lucra, specifically the Lucra LC470 It's the unholy marriage of the Lotus “simplify then add lightness” mantra combined with all-things Detroit muscle. It packs a rip-snorting 7.0-liter V8, virtually no heft to haul around, and a price tag into six digits. Quite the car. This one appears to be even more special though, and Lucra Cars is offering it up for sale on eBay. RELATED: See more photos of the stunning Lucra LC470 The Lucra Cars story begins with company founder Luke Richards. As a kid, Richards grew up in England and the United States. He admired the lithe and nimble Lotus just as much as the hard-hitting American V8 muscle cars. It's a reverence that apparently never dissipated, because after years of selling exotic sports cars... he decided to build his own. The LC470 roadster is that epic, epic result. Peel back the layers of its lightweight carbon fiber skin and you'll find a rigid tube-frame skeleton and a massive 427-cubic-inch GM LS7 V8 mounted as far back in the chassis as possible. A Tremec 600RR five-speed gearbox shotguns the V8's tremendous torque straight to the rear wheels, and that's when speed happens. But those are just words, these are numbers. A curb weight of 2,000 pounds, 505-horsepower on tap, zero to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds, and the legs to take you well beyond the 200 mph barrier. RELATED: Check out Lucra's newest car – the gorgeous L148 That's supercar territory. Although this car's $118,000 price tag is sizable (it retails for over $130,000 normally), it's almost a performance bargain compared to exotics from Ferrari and Lamborghini with similar stats. This particular car brings with it a bit of noteworthy provenance too, because it was used as a factory demo vehicle at various auto shows, including SEMA. As such, it has never been raced, comes with Lucra's R-package (every performance option), and totes hand-stitched leather. So there you have it, Internet. If you see one of these prowling your streets, don't be confused, you now know the name... and know not to line up against one in a race. RELATED: Check out photos of its iconic Shelby Cobra 427 lookalike ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide