Ralph Gilles Takes Over as Fiat Chrysler Head of Design

Chrysler as a brand has been in a bit of a state of flux ever since Fiat bought most of the company. Head’s of departments have been rearranged, moved, or flat out axed as Fiat’s control has risen. That being said, one position— or rather, Fiat employee has been without a title for some time now. And it’s definitely worried us. Of course, that employee is Ralph Gilles. Gilles, until recently, was the man behind Chrysler’s Motorsports. He was the CEO of Dodge. And then most recently, the CEO of SRT. Of course, those are the same people that brought us the Viper and Hellcat. He’s fairly important. But when Chrysler rolled SRT back into the fold of Dodge, Gilles was sort of left out in the cold. Add to that the plug pulling that was the Chrysler Motorsport division, and one of the most influential people in Chrysler’s history was essentially out of the loop. RELATED: Check Out More of the Stunning SRT Viper TA Thankfully, Fiat Chrysler Group announced yesterday that Gilles would take over as Head of Design within the company. Additionally, in this position, Gilles will inherit a role on the FCA Group Executive Council overseeing the entire company. Hopefully, that means more SRT products with more race inspired parts. Congrats Mr. Gilles, we’re glad you’re sticking around! RELATED: Read Our Review of the Challenger Hellcat here ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide