The New 'Mad Max' Trailer is Beyond Insane

The film Mad Max has been a cult hit for decades after its release, and spawned two other sequels. All three films featured a much younger, and saner, Mel Gibson. In the films, the movie shows off the barren post apocalyptic wasteland that has become Australia after a fuel crisis. In it, Gibson’s out for vengeance and survival, but the real stars of the films were always the cars they featured. From Max’s supercharged V8 Interceptor, to the menagerie of other highly modified dystopian vehicles, those are what kept people coming back for more. RELATED: Check out the first trailer for the new Mad Max here
However, since the last film debuted more than 30 years ago, Hollywood decided to reboot the franchise for a new generation with Mad Max: Fury Road. Thankfully, they left out the crazy Mr. Gibson, and replaced him with the less crazy Tom Hardy. With the films debut only a few weeks away, the filmmakers dropped another trailer on us that’s full of amazing cars and trucks that look like a riot to drive. Check it out. RELATED: See the evolution of Max's Interceptor here ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide