Kia Debuted LeBron’s Special Edition K900, and Nobody Noticed

After numerous teasers, commercials, announcements, and cameos, the King James Kia K900 would assumedly get a major reveal, right? You'd think Kia would want to blast this to every corner of the planet, considering the reach and impact the NBA's best athlete could have on people's impressions of the Korean automaker. Right? Actually, false. The car quietly broke cover about a month ago when Forgiato posted the above photo on Instagram. The car then popped up again in a public setting at the Cleveland Auto Show about a month ago (that makes sense, obviously), but there were no announcements, no posts, and no official photos released. Props to CarBuzz for snapping a few photos, because nobody was talking about this. It has since appeared at the Atlanta Auto Show, and is now on the floor at the New York Auto Show. RELATED: Lebron James’ Garage: An Epic Selection of Supercars and SUVs So let's get to the car: The King James Edition is a pretty simple aesthetics package. It is dripping in a gorgeous red metallic paint with black accents, it has a special edition badge on the front side panel, it has the LeBron James logo on the headrests and on the center wheel caps, the seats have an attractive diamond quilting, and the car sits on massive color-matching Forgiato Lavorato rims. Other details are scarce for the car so far. With no official release on it yet, there's no word on how many will be made, if it's even going to be an available package to consumers, or how much it would cost. It could just be a one-off to promote the car and the partnership further. We've reached out to Kia for more details, and we'll let you know as soon as we do (and hopefully get better photos). RELATED: This is the Perfect Car Accessory for LeBron James Haters
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