April Fools: 10 New Cars That Aren't Actually Real

That inevitable day has finally arrived – April Fools' Day 2015. Don't trust your coworkers, don't trust your family, and apparently... don't trust some of the world's largest automakers. Take a look at some of the car pranks these industrial powerhouses came up with for 2015. Yes, we're sad some of these aren't real either.  Honda HR-V 'Selfie' Edition
Honda gets you, and Honda knows that you love taking selfies all day. But with just a tiny little camera on your phone, taking selfies can be such a chore. Introducing, the 2016 Honda HR-V SLF edition. It has 10 different selfie cameras inside and out so you can capture every single duck face moment. April Fools. RELATED: This isn't an April Fools joke, Mercedes is Actually Building this Truck Nissan 'Gym' Button Wouldn't it be great if you could get a workout just by driving you car? Now, you can! Nissan's new 'Gym' button turns off driver assistance features like power steering. It also stiffens the gear shift mechanism and even increases the pressure needed to operate the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. Sign us up for that. Mercedes-AMG Sprinter63 S Van Admittedly, this is kind of cool. The Sprinter van is probably the last vehicle you'd want to race on a track. It's large, heavy, and better suited for supporting your race team... than actually being it. Nevertheless, Mercedes said it would put a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 in the Sprinter, good for 503hp. Quite the 'sprinter' wouldn't you say? VIDEO: Car Thief Throws a Brick, Watch this Mercedes Throw it Back Skoda Color-Changing Car Don't like the color of your car? For just under $750, Skoda will let you change it on-the-fly... again, and again, and again. Simply press the shade you want in the Skoda Fabia's ShadeChange app and – voila! – it changes instantly. Skoda says it's the impressive work of Dr. Gio Kyng. Perhaps you've heard of his son, Jo Kyng. Fiat 499 If the Fiat 500 is too big for your tastes, perhaps this three-wheeled 499 is more your taste? We'll pass. RELATED: Fiat is bringing this vintage-looking Fiat 500 to market in 2015 Mini Cooper Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe Cars generally look better with chrome, so Mini thought, why not just chrome the entire car? Mini will be exhibiting its shiny masterpiece to select guests on April 1st, but warns press photographers not to use their flash... or at least wear eye protection. Hands up if you'd actually buy one. Vauxhall Vivaro Taxi Kebabi After a long night on the town, who doesn't love a good bedtime snack? Vauxhall has a solution to your late night kebab cravings – a taxi with a mini kebab kitchen in the back. Vauxhall spokeswoman April Fulls noted, we really believe we’ve given our customers something to sink their teeth into.” Skoda VisionSea Boat Carmakers don't usually dabble in building speedboats. But the Czechs at Skoda are looking to change that. The styling for the Skoda 'VisionSea' is based on the company's VisionC concept car. The boat is a hybrid, it packs 270hp, it'll travel 980 nautical miles, and it doesn't exist. RELATED: Check out this insane 3,000hp Mercedes speedboat Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Mini Vans are usually rather large. This totally legitimate and completely production-ready Volkswagen van isn't. As VW team member Avin A'laf has informed us, it's built for the 'electronic office'. April Fools. Toyota Camry Gull Wing Edition All the best cars have gullwing doors – that's just a fact. Mercedes 300SL, DeLorean DMC-12, the insane Gumpert Apollo. So why not add the Toyota Camry to that list? It wouldn't surprise me if a few already exist actually. The Ford-Chevrolet Hypercar We played our own little joke yesterday when we hinted at a clandestine new joint venture between cross-town rivals Ford and Chevrolet. April Fools. It isn't happening, nor will it probably ever happen. RELATED: Last Year's April Fools' Prank Was This SRT Viper Sportback ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BolRide