Ford and Chevrolet Co-Developing Track-Only Hypercar [UPDATE]

Good Lord Almighty, what is the world coming to? Where McLaren has the P1 GTR and Aston Martin has the Vulcan, Ford and Chevy are working together on something they both lack in their lineup: a hypercar. More specifically, a hypercar for the track.

According to an unnamed source from GM, the hypercar will hit the track later in the year and marks the first time Ford and Chevy will co-develop a vehicle. "It's a really great project for both Ford and Chevrolet," noted the source. "When there's a goal that both have in mind, it becomes more cost-effective to pair up. There's no real reason not to." This wouldn't be the first time Chevy and Ford have worked together. In fact, the two just announced co-developed of new 9- and 10-speed transmissions in 2013, which is the third time working on gearboxes in the past decade.

With the release of the Focus RS and GT, Ford announced that it would be delivering 12 new high-performance vehicles from now through 2020. It seems this car could be part of that plan, though, nobody from Ford would comment on the report. And with rumors swirling of a mid-engined Corvette ZR1, this joint project could bring that idea to life. "The Z06 and GT have already been well received," said the source. "The idea is to bring both of those cars together into a single, track-only package to take on some of the competitors already on the market." GM is expected to make an announcement at the New York Auto Show tomorrow. We'll get you more details as they come.