Watch a Porsche Cayman Lose Control...and a Tire

We've all had our little vehicle mishaps. Sometimes it's through no fault of our own and another driver is to blame, but sometimes it's because we're being idiots. Case in point, whoever is behind the wheel of this ill-fated Porsche Cayman. The whole thing is caught by the dash cam of the vehicle stopped behind the Porsche at a traffic light. There is plenty of snow on either side of the road and it's melting so the roads are wet and might even be hiding a few icy patches. Not the time to mess around, but the driver of this Porsche didn't care. RELATED: Watch a Porsche 962 Crash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed
Instead he floors it for all he's worth and takes off when the light turns green. He then promptly loses control of the car and fishtails all over the place, even managing to cross the median and come back before getting it all under control. You'd think that'd be the end, but no. He gives it another go, loses control again, fishtails again, crosses the median again, and manages to top it all off by losing a tire. This is finally enough to get him to stop and pullover, right about where his tire rolled completely out of view. RELATED: Watch a Lamborghini Aventador Crash on a City Street ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide