Watch a Jeep Wrangler Escape the Clutches of a Tow Truck

Parking in major cities is a bitch. After careening through streets like Pac-Man fleeing from rainbow ghosts, you think you finally come across an ope... dammit, that's a fire hydrant. Wait! Oh, the curb is red. How about... nope, that's a driveway. And when you do find a real spot, there are always insane rules and restrictions or it costs you two coffees an hour. Don't forget about street cleaning either. Often, you'll return to your car to find something on your window. No matter how hard you wish it were a note from a cute person who saw you and wants to meet up, it's always a ticket, and the fine is always obnoxious. Even worse, you might come back to your car to find a tow truck preparing to haul your ride away, like this Chicago Jeep Wrangler owner. PHOTOS: This Jeep Renegade Concept Is an Off-Road Party Machine
But this Wrangler owner isn't like every other Wrangler owner. No, sir, this Wrangler owner is not about to get towed. With two wheels already lifted and ready to go, the driver hits the gas and breaks free of the tow, harshly landing and quickly driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Did the drop hurt the jeep? Hard to say. Will that driver get in trouble later? Well, considering the tow truck had probably already done the paperwork at this point and had this person's license plate number, that seems likely. Either way, I can't stop watching this video. RELATED: Jeep's Easter Safari Concepts Are Crazy Cool ______________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide