Is a LaFerrari or a Cobra Better at Indoor Donuts?

What are better than donuts? Indoor donuts, Ferrari LaFerrari donuts, and Shelby Cobra donuts, that's what. Shall we call them Indonuts? LaFeronuts? Cobronuts? Maybe? They'll be the new Cronuts. These two videos popped up this past week, one unsurprisingly from Shmee150. The LaFerrari footage is in a Bruntingthorpe aircraft hangar during a secret meet set up by Supercar Driver. The tires spinning and the V12 whining on top of the smooth surface all make for one hell of a sound. It almost looks like it's in slow motion. PHOTOS: Shelby Celebrates 50 Years With Stunning Cobra 427
The second video comes from Top Gear and showcases an entirely different breed of car, a Shelby Cobra. The driver in this video needs a little more skill and control over his car, as he's in a much smaller space and pole dances around a center post. The 427, of course, also puts out a hell of a sounds, putting on a lovely indoor concert for the camera. Take a full look at each video, and let us know, which do you like better? PHOTOS: Check Out the all-new 2015 Ferrari FXX K
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