This Massive RC Concorde is a Boyhood Dream Come True

Last week, we wrote an article about a model jet that is absolutely mesmerizing.  The plane intrigued our readers and, as a result, you sent us tons videos of some of the most incredible RC jets you've ever seen. Of those, this Concorde caught our attention. It's awesome. This particular video was from a 2012 Airshow in Austria. The plane itself was all handmade and driven by scale turbine engines. The cockpit even has a fully functioning "droop-nose" just like the real thing. RELATED: Watch a Dodge Challenge Hellcat Race an F-16 When the Concorde was in service, the pilots would lower the nose in order to improve visibility on take-off and approach, then raise it in flight for less drag. Below is video of the model in flight. It's just nothing like what we had as kids (which, let's face it... were paper airplanes).  But I would have loved this.
Even though you'll likely never have this custom jet, there are actually amazing RC jets you can actually get right on eBay. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide