Russell Brand's Version of 'Top Gear' is ... Different

Call it a void, chasm, or vacuum – there is a distinct emptiness in the automotive world following the ouster of Jeremy Clarkson from his role on the BBC's Top Gear. His actions? Not advisable. His punishment? Deserved. Nevertheless, there's a substantial feeling of loss amongst the hardcore Top Gear faithful.  The question is this – if the show goes on, who will assume Jeremy Clarkson's role (or James May and Richard Hammond's for that matter)? If you guessed Russell Brand, you're in luck, because he just revealed to the world his version of Top Gear on YouTube. It's a bit... strange. Take a look. RELATED: James May hints that he may not rejoin Top Gear
RELATED: Remember the Top Gear North Pole Toyota Hilux? Meet its Tacoma brother The Top Gear boys were known for having rather questionable wardrobe choices, and Russell Brand looks like he'd keep that theme going... specifically little to no actual clothing at all. Car reviews look like they ought to be a bit different as well in his version. You wouldn't say Brand's comparison of a Mercedes van against a bicycle is exactly consumer-minded advice. If the video does do anything, it helps lighten the situation. Top Gear is simply a TV show, albeit an incredibly popular one. Its cast may change and it may even disappear from television screens altogether, but undoubtedly it will reemerge in some form (perhaps in 2016) with a Hamster, a loud bombast, and a slow and pedantic man who makes us all chuckle. And for that, we are thankful. RELATED: This Koenigsegg is the only car to crash on the Top Gear track _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide