BMW Test Drive Ends Badly in Porsche’s Backyard

There’s a BMW test driver having an awfully bad day in Germany. Not only did he crash a BMW test car worth $160,000 but he smashed into a police van. Just to add insult to injury (literally it seems), it all happened in Stuttgart, Germany — home of Porsche and Mercedes. Makes one wonder why they chose Stuttgart for testing in the first place. RELATED: See Photos of the BMW i8 According to Der Spiegel, a German newspaper, the police van was struck by the test car as it went through an intersection with its emergency lights on. Three police officers and the test car driver suffered minor injuries. As you can see by the accompanying photos, the police van was struck pretty hard. Authorities say the test driver was speeding at the time of the collision. The impact turned the police van on its side. Unfortunately, we can’t tell what kind of car was being tested. BMW was quick to throw a tarp over it— just like airlines hide their logos after a crash landing or fire. Pesky photographers. RELATED: See this Lane Splitting End in Horrific Crash As Der Spiegel reports, those involved in the accident were fortunate that the injuries were minor. There have been several deaths in similar situations involving test drivers. The story cited the case of a Mercedes-Benz test driver who was sentenced to one year in prison for speeding after being involved in a collision that caused a fatality. No word yet if any charges have been filed against the BMW test driver for this collision. Photo Credit: Der Spiegel ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide