Watch the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burn Rubber to Sell Motor Oil

Car commercials are truly getting better. Partly because most of the new ones are directed less by advertising executives and more by enthusiasts. Look at any automotive ad lately; brands are finally seeing the benefit of letting enthusiasts prescribe what is shown. Case in point, this new Pennzoil commercial. Rather than strictly talking about the advantages of using Pennzoil in your car all the time, the director decided to use the captivating and hugely popular Dodge Challenger Hellcat to create a more evocative short film. And the focus is all on Hellcat. It’s a way of always remembering, or recalling, that Pennzoil is linked with power and noise and shredding tires. Watch this to get what I mean: RELATED: See More of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Burning Rubber
These commercials aren’t really commercials anymore, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. Also, who doesn’t love watching a Hellcat burn through its tires at an alarming rate? If you don’t, you’re not an American. RELATED: See More of the 707HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide