'Top Gear' Working to Get Back on TV by 2016

It seems the 'fracas' has come to its inevitable close. In a statement released Wednesday by BBC director general Tony Hall, Jeremy Clarkson will not have his Top Gear contract renewed, effectively ending his uninterrupted 13-year run on the show.  The move casts doubt on whether the popular program will return to airwaves, but according to a message released on the Top Gear website, the production team is working to put Top Gear back on TV screens by 2016 – big news for fans, but its potential format raises questions. VIDEO: Watch James May's reactions to Clarkson's departure from Top Gear The question remains, who will fill Jeremy Clarkson's role on the motoring program, and further, will co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May depart as well? Reports have indicated that both Hammond and May felt the format to be a group deal, suggesting that they may indeed leave the show in Clarkson's absence. The issue regarding the remaining episodes of the program's 22nd season has yet to be addressed either, though previous reports suggested that the pre-recorded portions of the episodes will air in due time. Jeremy Clarkson told reporters on Thursday that he wished fans would stop blaming producer Oisin Tymon for his exit from Top Gear, remarking “Leave Ois alone, none of this is his fault.” In addressing the show's future format, Top Gear was quick to commend Jeremy Clarkson for his “incalculable contribution” to the show, ensuring fans that “he's a big, big hole to fill, and the team you've trusted to make the world's greatest motoring show will be figuring out over the coming months exactly how to do that.” VIDEO: Watch Jeremy Clarkson's 11 Best Moments from Top Gear ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide