The Groovy Holden Commodore Sandman and Its Shag Seats Returns

If Austin Powers ever made it down to Australia, this is probably the car he'd drive. Holden is bringing back the Commodore Sandman for a limited run of just 250 units in an attempt to help jolt attention and sales before the Commo bows out in 2017. And, yes, they come with shag-covered seats. The limited edition models will sport the same theme as the original Sandman, which first debuted about 40 years ago. Instead of the option between panel van and ute, you'll have the option of a ute or a wagon (probably because those old panel vans just look like hearses). In addition to the shag, it comes with "Sandman" logo stitching and decals, a roof rack on the wagon, gloss black 20-inch wheels, a grille package, and fender vents. The whole package will cost you $2,950. RELATED: 11 Cars the United States Needs Holden actually thought about bringing the Sandman back before, launching a concept car at the Sydney Motor Show in 2000, but the only thing that ever made it to production was a "panel van canopy." It essentially flopped. Unfortunately, like anything that comes in a ute version, this is not available to America. RELATED: The Holden VF Commodore SS V Is the Chevy SS' Australian Brother  ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide