Watch this Dodge Ram Out-Sprint a Nissan GT-R

If you turn up to the drag strip in a pickup truck, you're either (A) incredibly confident in the stock power of your big V8 or turbodiesel, or (B) behind the wheel of a knockout-punching sleeper. Today, we can positively say that this Dodge is from the latter camp.  Meet the 'Ramaro', a four-wheel-drive 1988 Dodge Ram that can out-sprint even the most hallowed of Japanese supercars – a Nissan GT-R. Underneath the hood you won't find a 360ci V8 or a Cummins diesel, but rather a GM LS2 V8 that packs a PT8891 Precision turbocharger at 8 psi, a built 4L60-E transmission, an intercooler, and a 100 shot of nitrous. Watch what it does to the GT-R, below. RELATED: The 2015 RAM Rebel turns the aggression level up to 11
VIDEO: Watch this 2,000HP Lamborghini drag race straight into a lake In most comparisons, the GT-R would be the first off the line, but the four-wheel-drive equipped Ram absolutely leaps past the Nissan, shimmies back and forth on its suspension, and cruises to a sizzling 10.9 second pass at 122 mph. In addition to it being a tremendous run, the video's creator notes that it's also Ramaro's first 10 second pass. According to Bad Bowtie Productions, the GT-R was running various bolt-on components, sipping race fuel, and tuned to 650 horsepower. That's not a shabby recipe either. Anyone up for seeing the Ramaro face-off against this 700 horsepower Buick LeSabre sleeper? Via: BangShift ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide