Would You Believe British Airport Cops Drive Raptors?

Ok, maybe not the Raptors that you're thinking of. British airport cops have managed to take one of the coolest names in the automotive (and dinosaur) world — the Raptor — and turn it into something only mall cop Paul Blart could love. In England, a Raptor is a supercharged Segway that bears no resemblance to the bad-ass Ford pickup— none at all. The three-wheel vehicles, being used at Gatwick Airport outside of London, are described as a cross between a Segway and a moped. Their only saving grace? They can reach speeds of 25 mph. RELATED: See the Unusual Ariel Atom Police Car England’s Daily Mail Newspaper reports these rolling nerd mobiles are manufactured by a company called Ecospin. They run on electricity and are street legal in 58 European countries. Its manufacturer says they were responsible for a 12 percent drop in crime in France. Apparently, French criminals get spooked by the cops who ride higher on the Raptors. Using that logic, crime would drop to zero if they all rode horses. RELATED: See the Exotic Lamborghini Huracan Police Car
The Raptors are apparently nimble both on and off-road as the accompanying video suggests. And, incredibly they can be seen towing a truck. There’s a lot of oomph in that little package. Cost for the police package is about $16,500 before optional weather covers and siren attachments. Guess that means the cops don’t have to make the “Whoo Whoo” sound at least. _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide