Porsche Bullies Aston Martin Into Changing GT3 Name

Naming cars today is a bloody hard conundrum to crack. Gone are the days of Falcons, Interceptors, Novas, and Barracudas, and in their place names like the CT6, or 991, and S660. It’s essentially easier to find the Holy Grail than name a car. Something Aston Martin just found out. Last month, the British automaker launched the Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Aston Martin billed the car as a hardcore, track-focused weapon that will take on the likes of Porsche, Mercedes, and the Corvette Z06. However, one of those competitors took a bit of a slight issue with Aston’s name for the car. Specifically, Porsche. RELATED: See More of the Aston Martin Vantage GT3 According to a report from Goodwood Road & Racing, Porsche began legal action against Aston Martin due to the GT3 moniker that Aston Martin stuck onto the Vantage. Porsche argued that the GT3 name was something that is strictly a Porsche nameplate and that Aston Martin had no right in taking that for their own use. Aston countered this statement by showing that the GT3 moniker is actually a racing class and has been used on other cars for quite some time. Essentially, they told Porsche they can go shove it. However, here’s where it gets interesting. Porsche would not drop the issue of the name and continued a legal course of action. Aston Martin being the small company it is, and not having the full might of the Volkswagen Empire behind them, essentially was then bulldozed into submission due to the relative lack of resources. In the end, Aston Martin was forced to change the new Vantage GT3 name to the Vantage GT12. While most of the 100 or so people that have already bought the Vantage GT3 won’t really care about the name change, it’s kind of a ridiculous that Porsche took it that far don’t you think? RELATED: See Porsche's New 911 GT3 RS ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide