Jeremy Clarkson Has Officially Been Fired From 'Top Gear'

It’s a sad day for Top Gear fans and gearheads alike— Jeremy Clarkson has officially been fired, in a report from BBC. Following a “fracas” on March 10th, the hosts contract will not be renewed for a new season. “A line had been crossed,” stated Lord Hall. He “cannot condone what has happened on this occasion.” RELATED: Delayed Top Gear Episodes Will Reportedly Air After the host was suspended earlier in the month, fans took to the internet with over a million signatures calling for the hosts return. Unfortunately, the BBC and Clarkson’s superiors did not take fan opinion into account. No word yet on where Clarkson will land or what will be the fate of Top Gear at the moment, but we’ll update with more information as we get it. RELATED: Petition to Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Goes Viral ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide