Watch One Racecar Jump Over Another Racecar at Goodwood

Motorsport at every level is intense. Whether you're fighting for first, second, fifth, or ninth – there's always someone you want to beat. Racers feel this passion and on-track it tends to lead to stellar shows of overtaking.  This stunning “overtake” from the 73rd Members' Meeting at Goodwood will go down as one of the more memorable in the event's history. During the Derek Bell Cup, a race for 1000cc Formula 3 single seaters from the '60s, two racecars made contact and one got quite vertical. Take a look. RELATED: These Mario Kart LEGOs are absolutely incredible
VIDEO: This rally car ran smack-dab into a Subaru on track Michael Scott, driving a white Brabham-Ford BT28, led Paul Waine (in his DeSanctis-Ford racecar) into a corner on the Goodwood circuit, when all of a sudden things got a bit wild. Waine took too much speed into the turn, nudged the tires of Scott, and soared clear over the top of the Brabham. In typical racing fashion (and despite a massive jolt from hitting the ground), Waine keeps on trucking at speed. We'll call it an “overtake” because he did technically go “over” the Brabham, but the subsequent fall back to terra firma mucked up his suspension quite badly and as they say, that was that. Nevertheless, Waine's massive speed earned him 17th position in qualifying, just a few ticks above Scott. RELATED: This turbine-powered Lotus Indy Car is one rare ride _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide