Jeremy Clarkson's 11 Best 'Top Gear' Moments

It's official. Jeremy Clarkson has been dismissed from Top Gear, following a BBC announcement earlier today. It's a knockout blow to the legions of fans who have tallied over a million signatures to the #BringBackClarkson petition, though somehow we doubt the "fracas" is completely over.  Lest we forget why so many of us tune into the acclaimed British motoring show each week, these are 11 of Jeremy Clarkson's greatest Top Gear moments. Let us know your favorites in the comments below. Clarkson Tests the Ariel Atom, It Destroys His Face
Track-centric cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 and Lotus Exige can delivery face-melting performance. The Ariel Atom on the other hand, well... that actually melts your face, as Jeremy Clarkson now explains. Clarkson Tests the Ford Fiesta in a Mall and on a Beach
As they do on Top Gear, fans tend to write in and voice their opinions. One such fan noted that the show didn't do proper car reviews anymore. Jeremy obviously took that to heart... so he tested the Ford Fiesta hatchback inside a shopping mall. And then tested it as an amphibious assault vehicle. It passed. Clarkson Tries to Kill a Toyota Hilux Pickup
It might be the most famous bit of Top Gear footage of all time. Clarkson buys a farm-fresh Toyota Hilux pickup truck and proceeds to put it through every torture imaginable. Surprise, surprise. It keeps going, and going, even when a skyscraper comes crashing down on it. Tough little ute. Clarkson and May Drive a Toyota Hilux to the North Pole
Having proven that the Hilux is one tough truck, the Top Gear boys decide to race one to the North Pole against Richard Hammond and some sled dogs. Clarkson and May officially bring the world's first car to the pole, and have a drink on the way. It's all frozen water, so that's considered sailing, right? Clarkson Test Drives the Reliant Robin
You don't see too many three-wheeled cars on the streets today... and we can understand why. Jeremy Clarkson puts the Reliant Robin three-wheeler to the test, and immediately tips it. Again, and again. Luckily, the UK is full of celebrities to help him tip it back over. Clarkson Drives the Smallest Car... In the World
Jeremy Clarkson stands at a not-so-small six feet five inches, so who better to test drive the smallest car... in the world. Jeremy accordions himself into the tiny Peel P50, claimed to be “almost cheaper than walking,” and as we've come to expect, hilarity ensues. Clarkson Turns a Fiat Coupe into a Police Car
The boys are given very little money to turn normal cars into police cruisers. Jeremy's Fiat Coupe is especially scary. It totes “Boudicca” spikes on its rear wheels – scary – and the slogan, “In jail, no one can hear you scream.” Scary. Clarkson Crosses Bolivia in an old Range Rover
Top Gear takes on the dense jungles, harrowing mountain roads, and arid deserts of Bolivia and it makes for compelling TV. May opts for a Suzuki Samurai, Hammond a Toyota Land Cruiser, and Jeremy a Range Rover. Jeremy reaches the Pacific Ocean first, leading the presenters to one simple conclusion: “The most unreliable car in the world... is the most reliable car in the world.” Clarkson Sails a Nissan Pickup Across the English Channel
The distance across the English Channel from the UK to France is approximately 21 miles at its narrowest point – not a short distance by any means. But the Top Gear boys decided they'd turn cars into boats and give it a go. Who knew the Nissan hardbody pickup was an avid swimmer? Top Gear Bikes Across Vietnam
Jeremy Clarkson has said he's never been interested in two-wheeled transportation, but sucked it up and embarked on an extensive trip across Vietnam on an old Vespa. He and James decided to paint Richard's bike pink. Richard is not pleased. Top Gear Gets Run out of Alabama
The Top Gear trio have faced a bevy of potentially life-threatening challenges over the years, but perhaps none more dangerous than a drive through Alabama. The producers tell Clarkson, Hammond, and May to adorn their cars in offensive slogans – Alabamans don't like these new billboards. “The boys” are called in, and rocks are thrown. ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide