The $250K Jet Capsule is Your Luxury Mini-Yacht

The Jet Capsule is a mini-yacht that's just the thing for when you want to have a little fun with your friends away from the prying eyes of the servants. It looks like an escape pod launched as some ship was about to go down, but it's a small boat with all the luxuries the wealthy require. It's also fast with a jet propulsion system that can take it up to 57 MPH if you buy the most powerful model available. The cabin is 24-feet long so there's plenty of room for a few close friends. There are also lots of customization options to so you can make your Jet Capsule feel just like home. RELATED: Watch This Rickshaw go From Land to Water and Back Again There are several sofa configurations, a bathroom, and a kitchenette for whipping up meals on the go. At night, the thing lights up like some sci-fi version of a Christmas tree so you can cruise around looking for all the hottest parties and impress your friends when you pull up to the dock. This kind of toy doesn't come cheap. The base model starts at a cool $250K with plenty of interior options and even different colors available so that you can make your Jet Capsule unique. It's what all the playboy billionaires will have this summer so don't be left out of the fun. RELATED: Watch This Personal Sub Dive and Fly Above the Water
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