This 1,700HP Supercar Will Debut at the New York Auto Show

Everyone dreams of building their own supercar. And it seems like as of late, anyone with enough money and time can do just that. Or at least, they think they can. The latest player in the supercar startup game is Lyons Motor Cars, a company that claims to be building a 1,700-horspeower hypercar. Right. It's called the LM2 Streamliner, and it's going to debut at the New York Auto Show next month. From the get go, you can see that this is no ordinary hypercar— because it looks like something out of a 90s sci-fi film. The long-streamlined (get it?) dimensions give way to teeny tiny little headlights and taillights, a low-slung hood, and some very dramatic features from front to back. But it's nowhere near as dramatic as the engine. PHOTOS: See More of the 1,700HP Lyons LM2 Streamliner 1,700 horsepower comes from under the hood...allegedly. Using a twin-turbocharged 8.2-liter V8 from Nelson Racing, the Streamliner is said to get to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds, on to a top speed of 290 mph. Of course, none of these figures have been tested in the real world. Inside, drivers will be met with a 16-inch touchscreen…allegedly. That 16-inch touchscreen will be the sole interior feature controlling every aspect of the car. Say goodbye to switches and knobs. RELATED: Check Out the Similarly Designed Audi Avus Quattro Concept It’s a bold venture, to say the least. No word on how much it will cost yet, but the Lyons’ LM2 Streamliner is making its debut at the New York Auto Show on April 2nd. Though, we'll really believe it when we see it on the road. RELATED: The World's Fastest Car Moves Closer to 1,000MPH _____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide