The Beer Engine Motorcycle Has a Beer Barrel Sidecar

This is The Beer Engine and you'll find it at the Hogs Back Brewery in Surrey, UK. It was custom built for the brewery as part of a contest for Discovery Channel that had a total of six bikes competing for the Bike of the Year Award. Brewery directors Tony Tanton and Martin Hunt decided to go with something completely different by building not just a bike, but a matching sidecar. According to BBC, it has a top speed of nearly 140 MPH and was built by a custom builder in Bournemouth that specializes in making custom bikes for the rich and famous. RELATED: Check Out Motorcycle Sidecar Racers With Jay Leno They named it The Beer Engine since it was built with details taken straight out of the brewery. The most obvious of these is the giant wooden barrel that has been turned into a side car. There's also an on-board bar for when you stop driving for the day and want to kick back, relax, and enjoy a little something to drink. The motorcycle has no handle bar controls. Instead, it's all operated with foot pedals. They're all wood to match the barrel and the gear shif is even a beer pull handle. Unfortunately, they didn't win the contest because there was no official category for a bike with a sidecar. If you're thinking of commissioning a similar motorcycle, be prepared to shell out around $112,000. RELATED: Take a Look at the Gorgeous 2015 Indian Scout   ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide