And Weird Al too

Calling Cartoon Network's Adventure Time a weird show is definitely an understatement. I've only seen a few episodes — one of which included a group of particularly mean geese who could shoot lasers out of their eyes and join forces to become a Power Rangers-like Megazord thing. For the most part, it's hilarious, amazing, confusing, and sort of scary all at the same time.

So then you wouldn't initially expect anything from the show to be relevant to cars, but Zach Bowman over at Popular Mechanics brought this clip back into the light. I gotta say, it provides a decent explanation of how engines function: at least, at the basic understanding level.

Even better, the voice of the banana with legs is Weird Al Yankovic. "We don't know why they took the cylinder head off," he explains to his new buddies. "That's the cool thing about cars. One tiny little thing messes everything else up, so nothing works. So it's up to us to figure it out!" That sentiment is a perfect representation of why it's so fun to work on your ride yourself. The challenge of diagnosing the problem, troubleshooting, and repairing it is such a great feeling of accomplishment. "Fixing a truck with some neighbors, not a better way to spend some time," the voice of Weird Al sings. I agree, Banana Man. I agree.

[Correction: I was informed the show with the laser geese is actually Cartoon Network's Regular Show, a show with talking blue jays and raccoons and a man made out of a gumball machine, not Adventure Time. Sorry about that, I have no clue how I could have mixed them up ...] 

Check out these banana cars: