Watch This 2,000HP Nissan GT-R Annihilate the Quarter Mile

7.49 at 189 mph; that’s a new world record, ladies and gentleman. It was a feat accomplished by the highly-modified Nissan GT-R you see here, at the TX2K15 event this past weekend. This one-of-a-kind Godzilla was created by custom tuning shop Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS). Breaking the previous world record of 7.70 at 186 mph set by AMS’ Alpha Omega GT-R, the ETS GT-R puts down a gnarly 2,000 horsepower and sits on drag radials, obviously. RELATED: See Photos of the Hardcore Nissan GT-R Nismo It’s impressive, to say the least. But even more impressive when you watch just how fast it actually is on video:
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