Rauh-Welt’s Newest Porsche Creation is Beyond Beautiful

While much of the Midwest and East Coast are still blanketed in heavy snow, other parts of North America are enjoying their first tastes of spring and warm weather. And as we roll into nicer, warmer temperatures, more people are taking off their car covers, dusting off their hoods, and shodding their rims with fresh rubber to greet the Spring air. Taking advantage of these warmer weather patterns is none other than Nakai-San, proper hoon, and owner of Rauh-Welt Begrff. If you’ve never seen one of Nakai-San’s RWB creations, you’re missing out. The one-off RWB Porsche 911s that he builds are some of the coolest custom wide body 911’s in the world. RELATED: See more of RWB's one off Beetle from the Chicago Auto Show. For the unveiling of Nakai-San’s just finished latest project, the RWB “Super Musashi” he flew over to Vancouver, Canada, unveiled the car, and then shot this awesome short video detailing his adventures with not only the new car, but also the Porsche culture that surrounds this mysterious builder.
Alright, now who has a few hundred thousand dollars I can borrow? RELATED: Read about what makes Nakai-San so awesome here ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide