Jeremy Clarkson is Now a 'Hungry Hungry Hippo'

What began as a 'fracas' has turned into an ongoing saga – what will be the fate of Top Gear co-presenter and automotive luminary Jeremy Clarkson? While we expect the BBC to form a decision soon, you no longer have to be without 'Jezza' in your life... that is, if you have a spare game of 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' at the ready.  British 3D printing firm CEL, manufacturers of the Robox printer, have created 3D-printable Jeremy Clarkson heads that can snap directly onto the existing 'Hippos' board game. No, you can't print the entire board game, but if you have a 3D printer at your disposal, you can print out each of the four mini heads. CEL has offered the Clarkson noggin design as a free download on RELATED: Jeremy Clarkson drops some F-bombs about this BBC bosses
According to the site's directions, the process takes just under four hours to complete. Before you know it, you and your friends can go head-to-head to see which Clarkson can gobble up the largest number of delicious red plastic balls. It should be noted that the original 'fracas' allegedly erupted over a catering disagreement. In the most recent news, the BBC has scrubbed plans to host four upcoming performances of its Top Gear Live program on March 27 and 28 in Norway, in advance of the investigation findings regarding the now famous 'fracas' involving Jeremy Clarkson and producer Oisin Tymon. Fans have remained incredibly stalwart to Clarkson over the past weeks, with the #BringBackClarkson petition now standing at a towering 1,025,374 signatures. RELATED: Good News! Delayed Top Gear episodes will air after investigation ___________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide