Cops Come Up With An Idea to Make Craigslist Car Buying Safer

Shopping on Craigslist for a used car can be a beautiful thing. You can find vehicles all the way from Willie Nelson’s old tour bus (imagine the second-hand buzz from that) to a KITT replica, and anything in between. Unfortunately, some people have also ended up robbed and killed trying to sell their used cars through Craigslist. Fortunately local cops have come up with a solution that could save your life. RELATED: Check Out This Fake McLaren Listing on Craigslist The Hartford (CT) police department is one of a growing number of police departments across the country offering up its parking lot for safe craigslist transactions, according to The Hartford Courant. The chief there came up with the idea after a suburbanite was shot and killed while trying to sell some computer tablets. The Internet is full of scores of tales of people being ripped off — and sometimes murdered — while trying to sell their used cars. The cops figure no bad guy is going to be brazen enough to rip you off in a parking lot surrounded by video cameras and, even better, cops. So, have a used car you want to sell through craigslist? Only sell it to someone willing to meet you in a police department parking lot. Heck, even if your local PD doesn’t have an official program, you can probably still use their parking lots. RELATED: See the Weird Avocado Car That Was Sold on Craigslist ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide